Having a tough time

I’m having a bit of a tough time. So much stuff going on yet…. nothing is happening. I am at full capacity with the rooms and have been for a couple of months. The progress is being made. Not lightning fast but enough things at enough of a pace that it’s coming together. Sometimes I’m so much on autopilot I don’t know how anything is getting done but it is. This I would say is a good thing!

I think I’ve decided on buying another property in the state that I’m in while I have a job so I don’t run into any tough situations in a new place with a good credit score but no job history. Plus I think it will help out a bit to clean everything up and tie up everything while I’m here…. rent our all units and find a property manager then move. As long as I break even with the property managers I should be good to go. The goal is to have no official new debt in my life and as few issues as possible.

And lastly I’m going to be looking for a new car here pretty soon. 🙂 I’m kind of excited because I know what I want and I think I can get it. It’s a little more than what I sold my car for but I think that will be ok since I intend to get rid of my other car too.

I did have several encounters recently too. One was a hookup with someone I knew before. The second was a dude I went on a date with and the third was a mother ducking god. He had an amazing body but his personality blew him the fuck out of the water in my eyes. I wanted that crazy bad. And more importantly he treated me like I was someone he was interested in. And now he’s silent. I saw the old hookup again last night and the date is saying he always has stuff going on and he’s busy so I haven’t even tried to get him to come back. Funny enough….. I felt like I had to marry him to get him to have sex with me. Awful I. Know. And the last item on the docket. My real estate agent was a total tool and I wrote a bad review. He called me and asked me to remove it and would send me a gift card………… I wish people were more ethical. I wish I was making a difference in these guys’ lives tot he point they wanted me more than what little taste I always get. That’s all it ever is…. a taste. I guess if I want the real full size deal I have to buy it? 😭

And my car is sold in case I didn’t mention that. I’m a little sad.